A metaphysical school for spiritual health and evolution.


4:00pm – 9:00pm – Monday-Thursday

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Seacoast School of Spiritual Arts

A metaphysical school for spiritual health and evolution. Known to many as the North Shore Medium, Jocelyn Boucher, a Spiritual Medium and Shamanic Practitioner, founded the school in 2021. Jocelyn had a vision for the spiritual community. She recognized there were no schools in the area doing what she felt was strongly necessary and beneficial for spiritual development in the ever changing world. 

Seacoast School of Spiritual Arts offers an evolving array of in person and online classes as well as 1-1 coaching. Classes are offered at all levels and are designed to help students develop their spiritual gifts and ignite their soul's potential. As a community, the school is a place for students and practitioners to call their spiritual home.  

We offer a variety of workshops, retreats and classes for both individuals and groups. We also offer non-profit volunteer mission work within the local community. 

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Our Vision

This community of teachers, students and mentors provides a place for you to explore, express and embody your authentic self. You will realize your connection to something greater than yourself during your healing/awakening journey.


It is our goal to help reassign metaphysics to its proper place in the study of life and human development and to inspire confidence, love, self-sufficiency, charity, kindness, creativity, and inner knowing in all aspects of life.