About Us


A metaphysical school for spiritual health and evolution.


4:00pm – 9:00pm – Monday-Thursday

Meet Jocelyn

Jocelyn Boucher is a naturally gifted evidential psychic medium, spiritual healer and shamanic practitioner with over 15 years of professional experience. Her spiritual journey began at the young age of three and has evolved rapidly over the years through training and experience. Jocelyn has earned a reputation for being honest, accurate and gifted as the North Shore Medium. While Jocelyn has always loved reading for individuals and groups, she decided she also wanted to teach others how to channel their own gifts. Jocelyn believes each person has a gift that can change the world in a profound way and she envisions creating a community where individuals feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their full potential. 

Jocelyn holds a degree in Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine. She is a Certified Evidential Medium, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Lightrian Angel facilitator, Certified Akashic Practitioner, Past life regressionist, Teacher and Mentor. She has been featured in newspapers and on radio. 


SSSA will offer inspiring workshops and classes, taught in-person and online, designed to build your own direct connection to the Divine and ignite your soul’s potential. Our programs will be available at every level of interest- from single workshops to steady ongoing training.

Our mission is to use the teaching and understanding of spiritual principles to help each other to grow and evolve and live a life that is full of confidence, love, kindness and inner knowing. We hope that through the study of metaphysics, we can better understand ourselves and our lives.

My goal is to support and nurture people and their own natural desire to learn. To help build a skill and mindset to thrive then take on the world set for furniture success.


This community of teachers, students and mentors provides a place for you to explore, express and embody your authentic self. You will realize your connection to something greater than yourself during your healing/awakening journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Reiki Courses qualifies for a Certification. This is the official standard weekend course, taught live & online by a certified instructor. We strictly follow the Standards of Practice. Once completed this training course qualifies as a certified practitioner.

Your training certificate of completion certificate can be shared on LinkedIn, on your website, or printed out.

The different programs we offer have different requirements. Most classes are 4-6 weeks long. We meet live or online once a week for about 2 hours per session. Workshops are normally on the weekends on Saturday/Sunday between 9am-3pm.
If you're considering registering for the programs, please ensure you are able to fully commit to this program, as the instructor and your fellow participants are helped by your presence and dedication.

* Attend all online or live sessions
* Practice meditation for a minimum of 10 minutes, five days per week during the training program using the guided audio meditations provided, as well as any other informal home assignments.
* Actively participate in the live sessions, listen to the experiences of others taking the course, and share from your own experiences.
* Complete the pre- and post- session surveys.

There is a minimum of 20 minutes to an hour of formal and informal home practice every day during the course. Much of this is meditation using the guided recordings provided for that week, in addition to some informal activities and reflections.

Yes, but you would need to do so before the program starts. Once class is in session, we have a no refund policy

No experience is needed to take the basic level classes. We will guide you through every step of the journey you'll be taking with the other participants.

Bring what you may need during the day, like water, medications, blankets, etc. to support your practice. Bring lunch since we will have an hour. Wear comfortable clothing and know that you will be able to tend to personal needs throughout the day to visit the bathroom, or to take medications, or to drink water, etc.

The retreat lasts from 9 am - 4:30 pm ET.

Consider taking the online training course at a later time, as your presence in all sessions is important. It may happen that circumstances create unplanned absences on top of planned missed sessions, so if you already know of conflicts, you would be welcome to apply for the course at a later date.
Please verify your availability for all the session dates and times, and that you will not have conflicts like dependent care, work, vacation over holidays, or other commitments you've already made prior to applying for this course!

This training course will be offered again in the near future.

All instructors are certified with experience and teaching. The main differences between the classes are the days and times when they will occur. 

If you purchased coaching, your instructor will reach out to you after class one to schedule with you. If you have not purchased coaching you can do so any time.

We request that you participate as individuals, from two separate devices, and two separate rooms. During the sessions, we often break into small groups, and sometimes groups of only two people, so sharing a screen creates a challenge. It’s important to individually learn for the best outcome and to have your own, unique experience.

Our Vision

This community of teachers, students and mentors provides a place for you to explore, express and embody your authentic self. You will realize your connection to something greater than yourself during your healing/awakening journey.


It is our goal to help reassign metaphysics to its proper place in the study of life and human development and to inspire confidence, love, self-sufficiency, charity, kindness, creativity, and inner knowing in all aspects of life.