Heart Healing: Wellness Retreat

January 31st-February 5th, 2025

Costa Rica

January 31st-February 5th, 2025

Costa Rica

Sometimes we suffer in silence because we don’t have a place to unpack. You’re a mom with kids, you have a job and wear a thousand hats. Spiritual retreats give people space to open their suitcase and unpack everything. Then, go on and live.

Some people need hand holding through that trauma, and we provide a brave space with other women who are like them. Knowing that you’re not alone can be the biggest hurdle to get over. This destination healing event is a healthy place where you have permission to unload your worries, your trauma and your grief. There is no judgment. This helps you shift your focus and go through your day in a more positive, intentional way.


This is a boutique wellness retreat center offering a high-touchpoint, guided retreat experience for curious, growth-minded individuals. Fresh perspective for a more fulfilling life.

The approach is to get people out of their heads and into their body, a vast and commonly untapped intelligence that can bring deep insight and guidance. They work with nature as a metaphor during our daily adventures, supporting mindset shifts that give guests opportunities to reconnect to their essential self.

This Retreat is for individuals and couples interested in prioritizing their wellbeing. Whether you are experiencing a major life change, career burn-out, loss of a loved one, or desiring an annual tune-up.

This All-Inclusive Retreat includes:

6 days/5-night stay on this beautiful resort. Pre-arrival assessment, a nature inspired room, three organic meals a day, daily guided nature adventures, morning movement class, and refreshments. Healing/Mediumship Session. Afternoon Beach Trip. A special access to nearby beach. Cacao – A rooftop cacao ceremony under the open sky. Guided with movement and interactive exercises to support heart opening and emotional connection.

Not included:

Flights, transports to/from airport, alcohol, meals out, excursions, travel insurance

Other Options for purchase upon arrival:

Massages, Fire Ceremony, Mud Run, Dance/Drumming Circle, Local Food Tour, Nature Hike Adventures

• Costa Rica
• 4 hours from SJO Airport
• View of warm turquoise ocean less
than a mile away
• Warm weather year-round with lush
landscaping & nature sounds
• Views overlooking national Rainforest


KING SINGLE ROOM: $2900.00 (private)

KING SHARED ROOM $2400.00 (person sharing must be a friend or a couple)

SHARED TWIN ROOM $2100.00 (shared bedroom with another person)

All payments are non refundable

Booking Information: Heart Healing: Wellness Retreat in Heredia Province, Heredia, Costa Rica (wetravel.com)