Meet your Spirit Guides Workshop
(June 5, 7pm & Dec 4th 7pm)




We all have Spirit Guides: spiritual allies that support our soul’s journey.
In “Meet your Spirit Guide”, Jocelyn will guide you to reconnect to your Spirit Guide and help you to enliven your connection with the Spiritual Guidance that is always with you. You will learn to work with your spiritual ally to take you into a place of healing and true spiritual connection.
In “Meet your Spirit Guide’ we consciously create purposeful transformation and together create a portal of light to step through. We gather to:

– Meet our Spirit Guide through a guided shamanic meditation
– Learn how to work with our guide for guidance and empowerment
– Receive healing from your Spirit Guide.
– Join Jocelyn for ceremony for the healing and support of the collective

Instructor: Jocelyn Boucher